From the team behind the No 1 Hit podcast, Untold: the Daniel Morgan Murder, comes another inside story of a crime - in this case the hacking, data misuse, illegal financing and potential interference in the EU referendum. Orwell Prize-winning Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr lays out the evidence with host Peter Jukes and asks: why hasn't the UK got a proper investigation into wrongdoing?

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A few days after the important news that Britain's biggest ever political donor is to be investigated by Britain's FBI, Carole and Peter sketch out some of the connections between the EU referendum vote, the election of Donald Trump, and the interference of Vladimir Putin. More psych ops dark ads and dark money to come.


How did Britain's Nigel Farage go from enjoying 'proper fucking lunches' with his mates in the City to hanging out with Trump? Boosted by Russia? And buddies with Bannon? In this episode, we explore his place at the centre of a web of relationships that connect to he man in Mueller's sights: Roger Stone

Season 1, Episode Three -

After the subpoena of a Cambridge Analytica director by the Mueller Inquiry, an explosive UK Parliamentary report explains the role of Facebook in harvesting our deepest secrets and targeting us with dark ads and Russian propaganda


Untold: Dial M for Mueller will look at the ongoing investigations by special counsel Robert Mueller in the US, and watching how it affects the contentious Brexit vote in the UK, with the looming deadline of March 2019 for Britain’s exit from the EU.